Yokoe mireba  
Nazoena hana sakoe  
Kakine kana

When I heedfully observe
I see by the hedge
The nazoena blooming!

– Basho –

“And again my inmost life rushes louder

As if it moved now between steeper banks”

– Rilke –

You have an opportunity to reflect on and redefine your values and give new meaning to your life. 

  • What do I really want in my life?
  • How can I tap into my creative potential?
  • How do I create a sustainable practice?

Together we affably analyze your life’s challenges: 

  • What is my current situation?
  • What is holding me back from achieving my goals?
  • What do I want to learn?

We create a personalized trajectory to raise your self-awareness, we find ways to strengthen your resilience
and accumulate more autonomy in your daily life.

Life Coaching or Counselling may be beneficial if you…

  • want to make changes in your life but are struggling to make them on your own or you feel there are things holding you back
  • have some major goals you want to achieve and need some support
  • need some clarity and confidence to help you make some major decisions
  • want to gain clarity about what motivates you and what you would like to achieve
  • want to reduce the stress in your life or gain a better work-life balance

Sometimes life demands answers
that are not readily available, but are nonetheless required.

Sometimes you feel deep inside that you are ready for change.

  • What are my mechanisms?
  • What is my ‘modus operandi’?
  • How do I develop a healthy lifestyle and turn it into a sustainable practice?
  • How do I create a feeling of freedom and fulfilment in my daily life?

By raising your awareness and developing
a vision you will realize your own potential.

When you start fortifying your physical health, you will grow resilient, enabling yourself to face life’s challenges.

Threefold Method Coaching

We make use of the Threefold Method Coaching:
Self-awareness, Resilience and Autonomy


We help you develop a loving, yet critical way to look at your self and your own behaviour and thus gain a healthy growing self-awareness. We will make use of different exercises, meditations and reflections. Looking at the people around you offers insights into your own personal qualities, as they often mirror us.

Your social and cultural background and your upbringing have influenced the way you look at and handle different situations. This plays a significant role in how you experience daily life. Growing Self-Awareness means you are becoming more conscious of yourself and are in control (or acceptance) of your reactions to what life has to offer.

  • My mind is open and curious



Your physical well-being, a healthy body, contributes to the way you experience daily life. Nutrition and exercise are of great influence to the body and mind. The personal research that we do provides insights into a diet and physical activity that best fits your unique constitutional properties.

Eating a healthy selection of food, that best befits you will increase your resilience in daily life; Exercise will give you a positive release of toxins and will keep your body fit and relaxed: You will feel more empowered and ready to face the challenges that life has in store for you, being able to bounce back from any situation.

  • I feel empowered and energized



 Now that you have increased your self-awareness and have fortified your resilience, you will experience a self-steering capacity and growing autonomy. Together we will look at the bigger picture; what do you want to contribute to this world, to your family and to your friends? 

We will discuss the quality of your environment and explore your social-network and find ways to improve them. 

Developing compassion and being of service to your community will increase a feeling of fulfilment and connection, with yourself as well as your surroundings.

  • I am where I want to be, inspired!

Example for Coaching or Counselling

  • What life do I want after Covid-19
  • Motivational conversations regarding life directions
  • Core qualities and personal potential research
  • Solution-focused coaching
  • Advice on and support in maintaining personal records and conducting a life-goal agenda
  • Support during crisis situations
  • Guidance on work placement
  • Counseling

Models and Tools

The coaching focuses on developing Self-awareness, resilience and autonomy with you. To aid us in this process we make use, amongst others, of the following models and tools: GROW, TGROW, OSKAR and CLEAR, Directive Coaching and Counselling.
We will explore meditation as well as physical exercises that inspire you and fit your constitution. 
If you feel unable to cook a delicious and healthy meal for yourself and your loved ones we can cook together to create recipes that will inspire and sustain. 

Covid-19 Pandemic

A coaching program consists of 4 or 12 interviews of 1.5 hours. This can be daily, weekly or monthly. During this quarantine time the sessions are held through Skype, telephone or any other medium you prefer.

When the Covid-19 crisis is over, sessions can also be held on location, as well as intense one on one five day retreats. For more information, please

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week

Some issues are best resolved as they occur. To receive immediate feedback or feedforward and keep you from worrying you can reach out 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through Skype, E-mail, WhatsApp, phone or any other digital medium you prefer. In this way you can receive help to overcome all expected or unexpected challenges you may face, before unnecessarily growing worse.
The guidance ensures stability and continuity, a precondition for personal development, health, well-being and a meaningful joyous life.


For a trajectory of four sessions you pay 390€ / 435$. A twelve session trajectory costs 990€ / 1100$.
The first session typically takes one and a half to two and a half hours, the following sessions will be one and a half hours per session.
Additional sessions can be bought for 65€ / 73$ an hour. If you require coaching or counselling on the go, a minimum of 15 minutes for a call,
whatsapp or other contact form is charged. Please contact me for payment details.

Krien Jozeph

I have been a life coach and counsellor for more than 20 years, gaining significant experience within the Dutch healthcare system, working for the Raphael Stichting, Voorzet and by running a licensed on and offline coaching practice since 2012. While being trained as a coach, a counsellor and a social-pedagogue I developed the Threefold Method Coaching. The method covers three areas: self-awareness, resilience and autonomy. It is based on proven coaching and counselling methods and inspired by philosophical and metaphysical insights and practices from all over the world.
I continually acquire theoretic and field knowledge, through research, schooling, workshops and retreats.

Based on the Threefold Method Coaching I started my own life coaching practice in 2012, focussing on individuals wishing a positive change in their lives. I am specialised in working with people with high-functioning/high-intelligence Aspergers, ADHD, ADD and PDD-NOS, and more recently people who wish to grow Self-Awareness and develop a deep love and compassion for themselves and the world around them.
In 2015 I started a cooking project for people with autism; Het Autisten Potje,
together with Rahzeb Choudhury from Lifelong Inspiration that was funded by the Triodos Bank.  On a monthly basis I organised cooking workshops to explore together with clients a different diet from what they are used to. The food we prepared was mostly based on  the GAPS Diet.  All people on the Autism Spectrum suffer from issues in the gut. This diet focuses on removing foods that are difficult to digest and damaging to gut flora and replacing them with nutrient-dense foods to give the intestinal lining a chance to heal and seal. This generally has a positive effect on their well being. 

In 2016 I was one of the founders of Amada Zorgcollectief, an innovative healthcare collective that is based on Anthroposophy and Positive Health. Amada Zorgcollectief is active in the North of Holland and continues to grow nationwide. Since 2019 I volunteer on a weekly basis for Slachtofferhulp Nederland, an organisation that provides direct help to victims of crimes, sexual abuse, road accidents, disasters and calamities.

I have traveled the world

I have traveled, worked and lived in Europe, West-Africa, Asia, Australia and more recently in New York and Mexico. Each and every single one of these travels and work experiences teaches me important life-lessons about myself, about people and about our beautiful planet.
All valuable lessons that have formed and shaped me to who I am today and teach me how best to help my clients as a life coach and counsellor.

Amongst those world travels has been a walking trip through the Sahara desert and getting lost among the minefields of Mauritania before finally finding the last Moroccan army out-post.
In this trip, at the young age of 18, I was first confronted with fear, thirst and acceptance.
I became aware of my limitations and where to find courage to proceed. 

Another journey took me traveling 2000 km by manual scooter bike along the East coast of Australia, raising funds for a charity project in Nepal. I learned about brotherhood,
about the importance of setting goals, allowing yourself to fail, pursuing dreams and how to access endless amounts of endurance to attain them.

During an overland journey from Amsterdam to India and Nepal in my own vehicle,
I worked together with various NGO’s helping to prepare people for a predicted earthquake (that finally came in 2015). I learned about different cultures, corruption and the relentless optimism of human beings. 

Next to my coaching and counselling practice I am an art-director, DJ and Producer of cultural events around the world.
In the past 20 years I have worked together with various cultural organisations,
amongst them a theatre ship, Azart Ship of Fools that I have helped start their world journey.
I am part of a performance duo; Origins: Krien & Merante, performing around the world for network events, dinners, Museums, Galleries, festivals and parties.
Working with artists and innovative entrepreneurs teaches me how to work together with strong-willed, visionary and idealistic people and how best to help them attain their creative goals.
I continue to learn and grow every day.


Thank you Krien for the excellent coaching sessions, they have been true eye-openers for me and helped me tremendously! In 10 sessions I was able to let go of my negative response mechanisms, created a solid strategy in accordance with my now more holistic goals, and feel assured to tread this path, kick-started and continuously supported by Krien’s guidance.

Krien gets to the core of issues very quickly through his spot-on questions, whilst creating a safe atmosphere. He is a very clear communicator and good listener, with an extensive knowledge of psychology, motivation and powerful leadership coaching techniques (i.a. the Marshall Goldsmith method). The sessions have given me great insights into myself, made me a better leader, and propelled me into a positive meaningful future.

Jay B
CEO, New York


Even though I had not heard of the Threefold Method of Krien Jozeph before, I decided to go for it. And am so truly happy that I did. This coaching trajectory with Krien builds a solid base for a new life! Only 5 months ago I felt very stuck in my life, being tired of my work but not knowing how to quit or transform. Krien helped me to understand myself so much better, to reassess my habits and values, reformulate my dreams, and actively start working towards them. I’ve picked up a healthy lifestyle, and feel new energy, self-love, motivation and have even started my own new PR agency! If you are looking for a real boost: Krien will give you the perfect balance of support and motivation to set up and reach your (manageable) goals.
I cannot recommend him enough!

Christy L.
PR consultant, Tulum


I would highly recommend Krien to anyone looking for an outstanding life coach! His keen ear, excellent questioning skills and inspiring views have helped me to propel forward in life. As a artist I felt very drawn to him, because of his interesting life experiences and his out of the box view on things. My stagnated creativity and lack of motivation were almost instantly tackled through his positivity and encouraging approach. Besides being inspirational, his method of Self-Awareness, Resilience and Autonomy has been of great help to work on my challenges like creating more structure – something I’ve always opposed, but now seems to co-exist with my impulsiveness. I feel that now that I’ve understood recurring patterns in my life, I’m able to break loose and step up my game! I’m pleased with his very reasonable rates and I look very much forward to continue working with you Krien!

Gene C.
Film maker, writer, Topanga, LA


A friend of mine recommended me to get support from Krien when I was going through a hard time.
Krien is an wonderful listener, holding great space in which I felt never judged, but actually confident to talk about difficult issues. Krien helped me gain much more self-awareness (even though I thought I knew everything about myself!), made me truly self-care again, and made it much easier for me to set up clear and especially manageable goals, to move forward and gain trust again. After every session I felt more confident, motivated and empowered. Krien’s life coaching has not only improved my personal life majorly, but also my professional life has gained momentum since we started working together. Krien’s life coaching has really brought me so much more than I expected: it brought me new and different ways to move forward. Krien, I can’t thank you enough!

Katie F.
Culture professional, Amsterdam


About half a year ago I felt I was slowly starting to lose grip on my career and therefore personal life, and I decided to find a life coach. As at that moment I wanted to just drop my career and start all over again, I was attracted by Krien Jozeph’s view that a business career and meaning can go together, something I wasn’t quite feeling at the time. We’ve started our sessions talking about my personal values and it was soon clear to me that I needed to give them more attention and reality. With Krien as my coach I’ve been able to get a clear vision on who I am, what I value and what I want to achieve. Thanks to his patience, knowledgeability, care and drive to change things for the better, I am now working on turning my career in the right direction. I now feel that I’m working towards a better world by taking responsibility for my actions, and creating an active, positive contribution to a better future for all of us. It’s incredible how fast things changed, once I decided to work with a life coach. Amazing work, thanks Krien!

David L.
Online marketeer, Tulum

I would like to work on a positive change in my life

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