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Sometimes life demands answers that are not readily available, but are nonetheless required.

Sometimes you feel deep inside that you are ready for a thorough change.

Who am I, what are my mechanisms, how do grow?

How do I develop a healthy lifestyle and turn it into a sustainable practice?

How do I create a feeling of freedom and fulfilment in my daily life?

By raising your awareness and developing a vision you will come to realize your own potential.

When you start fortifying your physical health and general well-being, you will grow resilient, enabling yourself to face life’s challenges.

Together we analyze your life’s challenges

  • What is my current situation?
  • How can I change my ways?
  • What do I want to learn?

We create a personalized trajectory to raise your self-awareness, find ways to strengthen your resilience and accumulate more autonomy in your daily life.

We combine regular online coaching with periodic intense one-on-one sessions on location.


Threefold Methodology

We make use of the Threefold Methodology.
This method has 3 main areas of concern:
Self-awareness, Resilience and Autonomy.
Our coaching focuses on developing these with you.

A coaching program consists of 12 interviews for 1.5 up to 3 hours. This can be weekly or monthly. These talks can be held on location, by Skype or telephone.

General guidance can consist of the following:

  • Motivational conversations regarding life course
  • Support via Skype, e-mail or telephone
  • Core qualities research and personal potential
  • Solution-focused coaching
  • Advice on and support in maintaining personal records and conducting a life-goal agenda
  • Support during crisis situations
  • Guidance on work placement or work (also preparing and supporting during important meetings)

The guidance we offer ensures stability and continuity, a precondition for personal development, health, well-being and a meaningful joyous life.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week Some issues are best resolved as they occur. To receive immediate feedback and keep you from worrying you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through Skype, E-mail, WhatsApp, phone or any other digital medium you prefer. In this way we can help you overcome all expected or unexpected challenges you face, before unnecessarily growing worse


We help you develop a loving,
yet critical way to look at your own behaviour and thus gain a healthy self-awareness. Your social and cultural background and your upbringing have influenced the way you look at different situations. This plays a significant role in how you experience daily life and react to events. Self-Awareness means you function consciously.



Your physical well-being, a healthy body, contributes to the way you experience daily life. Nutrition and exercise are of great influence to the body and mind. The personal research that we do provides insights into a diet and physical activity that best fits your unique constitutional properties. This increases your resilience in daily life.


Now that you have increased your self-awareness and have fortified your resilience, you will experience a self-steering capacity and growing autonomy.

  • I am where I want to be
  • I feel empowered and inspired
  • My mind is open and curious


To get a head start on your personal process we suggest to go for a walk.

During a 3 day intense one-on-one session we get to the core of you; we go back to basics.

By challenging your physical endurance, we undermine your, often lifelong nurtured, survival strategies and coping mechanisms, henceforth allowing for new perspectives to surface from your subconsciousness.

What to expect: two meditations daily, 4-8 hour nature walks, cooking your own food, pitching your own tent.
We will critically look at all that is you….and we will talk, talk without holding back. This deep and, when necessary gentle work will give you the insights and tools required for a healthy development towards the best version of you.

Please contact us for more information.

Krien Jozeph

In the past 20 years I have gained significant experience within the Dutch healthcare system as well as through running a private coaching practice.

After being trained as a coach and counsellor I developed the Threefold Methodology. This method for coaching is based on my personal philosophical convictions and is supported by continually acquiring theoretic and field knowledge. The former constitutes of continual research in various scientific insights, metaphysical questions and philosophical notions from all over the world, and my personal development. The latter means a thorough base in a very well developed and regulated healthcare system that is leading in the world.

I started my own, now thriving life coaching practice in 2012, focussing on individuals wishing a positive change in their lives.

In 2016 I have been one of the founders of Amada Zorgcollectief, an innovative healthcare collective that is based on Anthroposophy and Positive Health. Amada Zorgcollectief is active in the North of Holland and continues to grow nationwide.

I have been a deejay and Art-Director for more then 20 years, solo and more recently as part of the poetic duo
Origins: Krien & MeranteI art-direct and produce cultural (dance) events around the world and have traveled,
worked and lived in Asia, Europe and more recently in Mexico and the United States of America.